When I stood for election as Mayor in 2012, I made 5 simple pledges and each and every one has been achieved.

But the one achievement I am most proud of is that our City has continued to grow and improve despite a 58% cut in our funding from government. It is the most difficult financial settlement in the history of our city, but with hard work and good partnerships we have kept key vital services going. Not one library, leisure centre, children's centre or youth centre has closed.

The key challenge for the next Mayor is to avoid the temptation of empty gestures, and continue growing the city as our funding shrinks further. I have a track record of delivery and a promise of more.

We face major challenges in our city, but they are outweighed by the opportunities we have. I want to seize them for the city's future. That’s why I’m proudly standing as Labour’s Mayor and why I’m asking for your support.

My pledges for the future are:

  • I will continue to ensure stability and growth for Liverpool in the face of continued financial challenges.
  • Liverpool will set up an innovative Housing Company to build 10,000 rent-to-buy homes to tackle inequality and affordability.
  • I pledge to make Liverpool a learning city.
  • Liverpool will set up an innovative Energy Company to provide affordable energy for Liverpool Households.
  • Liverpool will be the cleanest and greenest city in the UK.
  • Make Liverpool the best place in the UK to run a business.
  • We will explore a bid for the 2026 Commonwealth Games.

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joe for liverpool manifesto


We have built 15, with 2 more on-site and under construction and another ready to go with planning permission.
We have built 5,045 new homes and refurbished 3,256 empty properties, meaning over £3m of additional revenue from Council Tax.
We've created 31,013 and the city's economy grew faster than Manchester's in 2014.
We have created 60 acres of new and improved green open space and planted 3,138 new trees.
We've helped 1,481 existing companies to grow and another 269 start-ups. We invested £1m to ensure city-wide access in credit unions.

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